"Throughout my high school career I was often told by my counselors, as early as my sophomore year, that I should consider going to a community college because my grades weren’t good enough for a four year university, especially if I wanted to pursue a career in engineering. I began to believe my counselors. I started to develop the mindset that I was not good enough to major in engineering much less go directly to a four year university, so I began to slack off in my classes because I knew I didn’t need a 3.5 GPA to get into a community college.  


"It wasn’t until I spoke to Ian from LoyalTeach that I realized that I had the potential to not only get accepted into a four university but attend a four year university directly after high school. Ian helped me research universities that not only offer my major but offered financial aid for low income students, and together we found universities that were affordable for me and my family. I submitted college applications that November, something I didn’t think I would ever do. 


"I remember rushing to my computer after receiving a notification on my phone that I had received an email from Cal State University, Chico. I stood in front of my computer as I read the words I never thought I’d ever read, 'Dear Lizbeth, Congratulations! On behalf of California State University, Chico it is a pleasure to inform you of your provisional admission for Fall 2018.' I stood there with tears flowing down my face because I had done it: I had gotten my first university acceptance letter. And before I knew it, I started getting more college acceptances. I got acceptances from schools I never thought I would be able to get into, schools known for being great schools for engineering, the major I am pursuing. 

--Lizbeth, Cal Poly Pomona

"LoyalTeach has been an immense help for me and other students, especially during this pandemic. I feel very lucky to be part of an organization where there are people that do their best to help students with my background to succeed.  The potential that I see in the younger generations of my community makes me very proud.  Knowing that LoyalTeach sees their potential too and is making an effort to provide the resources they need is something I will always be grateful for." 

--Erika, University of Rochester; Dell Scholar, Hispanic Scholarship Foundation Scholar

"Without LoyalTeach, I would never have been connected to fly-in programs that have helped me understand what I’m looking for in a college. LoyalTeach gave me the confidence to share my story and to see how I could  reach higher than I had dared to dream."

--Ryan, University of Chicago, Questbridge Scholar

"Without LoyalTeach, I wouldn’t be attending my dream college and pursuing the nursing career I’ve always wanted to do. It really has helped me so much financially especially because of my DACA status. I’m so honored to be able to experience this as a result of LoyalTeach."

--Luz, Linfield College 

"The work you do is impacting my life for the better and there are not enough words to say thank you."

--Heleny, Fort Lewis College

“LoyalTeach was a true game-changer for me during the college application process. The hours we spent communicating not only helped me develop both a list of schools to apply to and a strong personal statement, it also made the entire process more enjoyable. Because of the time Mr. Cummings dedicated to getting to know me, he was able to answer many of my questions regarding the process or a college before I ever asked. I was always able to stay a step ahead of the application process because Mr. Cummings knew what was to come and knew how to handle any roadblock.”

--Tony, UC Davis, graduated 2021

“Without LoyalTeach I would not have made it this far. I am extremely grateful for their constant support and generosity. This program has changed my life and I can’t wait to see LoyalTeach continue to help change the lives of others who are minorities and come from disadvantaged communities like myself."

--Cyntia, Cal State Channel Islands

"Ian Cummings with LoyalTeach has helped our children tremendously with navigating through the complicated years of high school. He has given academic counseling and explained the college process. Ian has given our children their best options, personalized specifically for each of them, after thoroughly getting to know their needs, interests, and qualifications. We would have been unaware of many important things, and are grateful for his knowledge, guidance and support."

--James and Heddy, Larkspur, CA