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College Counseling

https://www.californiacolleges.edu - The state of California’s official college and career planning platform

https://www2.calstate.edu/apply - The guide to the California State University system


https://www2.calstate.edu/apply/freshman/documents/csulocaladmission-serviceareas.pdf - Shows the service area that each  CSU campus gives preference to in its admission process

http://www.calstate.edu/sas/documents/ImpactedProgramsMatrix.pdf - Learn which CSU campuses and programs have competitive admission processes


http://www.calstate.edu/SAS/documents/csu-uc-a-gcomparisonmatrix.pdf - Compares the admission requirements for the

California State University and University of California

https://www.collegeessayguy.com/ - Includes free resources for help with writing application essays

https://www.collegepoint.info/ - Free college advising for lower-income high achievers


http://www.thecollegesolution.com/ - A well-known college counselor offers loads of advice


www.collegetransfer.net - For those already in college and considering a transfer


https://www.fairopportunityproject.org/ - Includes access to a complete college application and financial aid guide


https://www.khanacademy.org/college-admissions - Free video tutorials

http://linkforward.org/ - A clearinghouse for college access sites

College Search

https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/campuses-majors/ - A guide to the University of California system


https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/ - The College Board's site allows you to save your planning activities to your account

https://www.cappex.com/colleges - Best feature is its student reviews of each college; also includes a list of colleges that practice need-blind admission

http://www.collegeaffordabilityguide.org/ - Focuses on which colleges are likely to provide the best value for the money

http://www.collegedata.com/ - Comprehensive search tool of the National Association for College Admission Counseling

http://www.collegexpress.com/# - Lots of lists, like “Top 10 private colleges awarding bachelor’s degrees to hispanic students.”

https://www.collegefactual.com/ - Lots of lists and rankings, including by major

https://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/ - Comprehensive search tool of the National Center for Education Statistics includes a useful tool for comparing net costs by income level

https://collegescorecard.ed.gov/ - Comprehensive search tool of the U.S. Department of Education

http://www.thecollegesolution.com/colleges-that-meet-100-of-financial-need/ - A list of private colleges committed to meeting 100% of each admitted student’s financial need

https://www.niche.com/?ref=colleges - Lots of rankings



https://blog.prepscholar.com/cal-state-schools - Useful comparison of all Cal-State schools

https://scholarmatcher.scholarmatch.org/ - Search tool specifically tailored to low-income students


Community College

https://americanhonors.org/ - An honors program offered at select community colleges across the U.S.


http://www.assist.org/web-assist/welcome.html - Transfer information for California college


http://www.sbcc.edu/honors/ - Santa Barbara City College’s outstanding honors program

Financial aid and scholarships

http://www.bonner.org/apply - The Bonner program meets the full financial need of selected students who demonstrate a commitment to public service and attend one of the program's partner colleges

http://www.collegescholarships.org/scholarships/first-in-family.htm - Opportunities for “first-generation” students


http://www.csac.ca.gov/ - California Student Aid Commission

http://www.calstate.edu/sas/eop/ - California State University’s Educational Opportunity Program

https://www.thedream.us/scholarships/ - For DREAMers


http://www.hancockcollege.edu/promise/ - Beginning in the fall of 2018, the Hancock Promise will provide one year of free tuition to local students at Allan Hancock College.

https://hsf.net/ - Hispanic Scholarship Fund

https://lowincomerelief.com/scholarships-low-income-students/ - Master list of scholarships for low-income students

http://www.questbridge.org/ - Full scholarships for low-income high-achievers

https://www.raise.me/ - Micro-scholarships based on high school performance

http://www.savingforcollege.com/ - Tax-deferred college savings accounts

http://www.sbscholarship.org/ - All Santa Barbara County students should seek support from the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara

https://scholarshipamerica.org/give/our-scholarships/dream-award/- A renewable scholarship fund for students in their sophomore year of college and beyond — with growing, renewable awards that help ensure talented students can afford to complete the degree programs they’ve started. Students can apply before beginning college.

https://www.scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarships-by-type/first-in-family-scholarships/ - More help for “first-generation” students

http://www.scholarshipsaz.org/ - Resources and scholarships available to undocumented students as well as others

https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/ - Federal student aid

http://www.syvalleyfoundation.org/ - The Santa Ynez Valley Foundation offers scholarships to residents of the valley and Los Alamos for up to two years.


First Generation Students

https://www.centre.edu/grissom-scholars/ - Through the Grissom Scholars Program, Centre College meets the full financial need of ten first-generation students each year


http://www.imfirst.org/ - An online community supporting first-generation college students


Test Preparation

https://www.khanacademy.org/sat - SAT

http://www.learningexpresshub.com/productengine/LELIndex.html#/center/college-preparation-center/home - AP, ACT, and SAT


https://www.khanacademy.org/ - Free video tutorials in all subjects